About us

We are a family joinery, the third generation. We perceive our work as a mission, and we also raise our children with respect to the craft.

Our products in Western Europe

We specialize in custom furniture production with a focus on furnishing residential and commercial interiors, shops and sale POP displays (retail, displaying, POP panels). Our work can be found in the stores of renowned brands in the fields of electronics, clothing and sportswear, jewelry, music, cameras, etc. not only throughout Europe, but also outside the continent. Frequent locations are shopping centres in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, England and France.


The tradition of the Kozubik family is very long.

It started more than half a century ago, when the owner and founder Pavel Kozubik worked with his parents and five siblings to produce wooden boxes for breeders and gardeners. Pavel’s father Antonin was a great engineer and designer of machine tools, which allowed the family to work well even during the hard times of limited possibilities. Every family member who managed to hold a piece of wood in his or her hand participated in the production, because the production was a good source of income. So, afterwards, when young Pavel was deciding on his profession, joinery clearly won. Wood and craft have become his lifelong choice. Later, he worked as a municipal joiner in the cooperative Hradek.

In 1992, Pavel Kozubik and his wife Marie already had a house in Pitin and a large family of four sons. In the premises of their own home workshop, they founded the official company Stolarstvi Pavel Kozubik. At the beginning, again, Antonin was very supportive, and did a lot of work and equipped the workshop with the most needed machines. Initially, simple constructions for upholstered furniture were produced. The first employee Josef Petru, who was a very skilled craftsman, also helped. Good crafting and gradual equipping of the workshop was a priority. The next stage was the start of abroad production of demanding design furniture. Export became a top priority and larger production required more space. In 1995, a new extension to the existing house was built and the total area of the workshop reached 250 m². There were already 8 employees and the scope of work was constantly increasing. The elder three sons gradually completed their apprenticeship and joined the production.

We are expanding

In 2009, there was a fundamental step to leave the original premises in the village and move the company to a new workshop in the industrial area of the former Vlarske strojirny in Slavicin. This was a real shift, as the new 750 m² workshop area allowed for further growth. In 2011, the first CNC machines were purchased. The main subject of production was the export of products in retail, shop in shop, displaying and top quality, mainly varnished, design furniture. Further construction of production and storage premises took place in 2015–17, when the capacity was increased to 2000 m². In 2018, the capacity is further expanded by 600 m2.
Everything is ready for further development…

Our vision

A lot of well-done work behind us, big goals ahead

We are successful in demanding markets, but there is still room for improvement. We want to continuously increase production capacity and efficiency. Development is also important to us. We have been already preparing new technologies that will give us a competitive edge.

We are a discreet manufacturer

We comply with the principles of cooperation

Hundreds of realized projects are behind us, mostly for Western European markets. Our customers are suppliers of interiors and displays of reputable brand stores. It is a matter of course for us to keep the supplier confidentiality towards the end customer, therefore in our references we do not mention specific brands and in our photo gallery we present only a fraction of realized projects.

What we offer

We share our ideas

Every project is a story for us. In the beginning there is your idea, your concept. However, we have our production capabilities and experience that can further advance your project. That is why we offer material design, our accompanying or full project, detail solutions and open discussion. Our 3D projection tools are a big help. The project can also be discussed from the very beginning with our designer Jana.

Selected realizations

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Custom production
Pop displays
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