We produce POP stands, complete SIS and home furniture, design products

We are a family company Stolarstvi Pavel Kozubik – we produce custom furniture and focus on shop equipment, exhibition panels, POP displays and atypical home furniture.

What Kozubik produces

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Precise joinery production

We offer modern production with great capacity and technological possibilities and with the highest quality of professional design and materials.


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preparation and production workers

Our production

Our team of specialists and state-of-the-art equipment enable both operative production and fast sampling.
Preparation of production

We are present at the development stage

We are used to consulting your ideas at an early stage. This gives you useful incentives during the product development phase, which can simplify and speed up the production, as well as make it cheaper. Indeed, continuous price controlling during the whole preparation of production is an integral part of our production process. Our technical preparation not only allows working with wood, but thanks to advanced 3D modeling we can include and visualize all the additional technologies (laser, glass, printing, assembly of electrical components, etc.)

Production technology

Precision and the highest quality

Both of these terms represent a comprehensive result of everything we offer = professional team, state-of-the-art machines, materials of the highest quality, perfect surface finish. It is said the gardener works with the accuracy of meters, a mason of centimeters, a carpenter of millimeters, an engineer of hundreds of a millimeter. However, new technologies are breaking this cliché. Our machines are calibrated to 0.02 mm, so the result is absolutely precise.

Pop displays

We work not only with wood

We are very advanced and strong in the production of POP displays. The full completion of these products requires production of components made of glass and plastic, digital or screen printing, laser cutting, engraving, assembly of electrical components and, of course, overall assembly and packaging in a professional shipping container.


We materialize the ideas of architects and home designers

Close cooperation with your professional designers and architects is a matter of course. We can also offer you the services of our designer. It gives your idea a clear contour and visualization, which allows us to see everything in a material context. “Every piece of furniture, every thing, every object tells stories, family history. The apartment is never finished: it develops with us and we develop in it.” - Adolf Loos, Czech architect 1870–1933


We turn big and small ideas into reality

Demanding assemblies are carried out both under our roof and in the field – both are specific in their own way. Assembly in production is for complex subassemblies and assemblies that often consist of many crafts. The result must always be not only precise, but often certified with the final form for the target customer – the consistency of all identification data and instructions in several languages. On-site installation is a great test of good communication with all levels of our customer’s needs. It means: good awareness and connection with the main designer, flexibility in unexpected situations, direct communication with the location staff, a clean-up and last but not least, post-realization service.


Look what we do

Our customers are suppliers of interiors and displays of reputable brand stores. It is a matter of course for us to keep the supplier’s confidentiality towards the end customer, therefore we do not mention or display specific brands in our references.


Suppliers of store furniture “A” of retail brands

You can also find our beautiful interiors in luxury shops on the main streets of European and world capitals.


Home designers and architects

We solve custom projects for the production of interiors for family houses, apartments, restaurants, etc.


Demanding end customers

For those who require and appreciate precision and top quality of furniture or interior.

Family business is not that the people who founded it are from the same family. For us, this primarily means the right family approach in relation to employees, customers, suppliers. Our work is not just numbers and results, it is mainly real stories that we experience together.

Marie Kozubíková Project manager

When we started production using CNC machines, a lot of people from other companies were trying to teach us how it should be done. However, I did not listen to most of them and started to do a lot of things in my own way. There were many sleepless nights, but our own development and technique is one of the things that differentiated us from the competition in a positive way, as it started with my grandfather Antonin, who used to say: “Technique is amazing.”

Adam Kozubík Project manager

The tradition of the craft in the Kozubik family is very long. My parents started it, then I worked with my five siblings, continued with my wife, and now we are developing the craft with my children. We share common joy and worries. Work connects us and brings us closer. I believe that their children will remain faithful to woodworking.

Pavel Kozubík Founder of the company


Contact us

We are based in the Zlin region, in the industrial area of ​​the former Vlarske strojirny in Slavicin-Divnice

Prumyslovy areal 129
763 21 Slavicin-Divnice
Czech Republic